Mararikkulam North, Kerala, India – Knock Knock – Who’s There? Popeye & Olive!

One morning, after an early walk to the beach, Michael and I were in the air conditioning comfort of our little homestay villa when we heard a scuffle on the deck and a scratch on the door!  We looked at each other, both of us immediately knowing the cause of this action but still wondering because of the homestay “rules.”

We opened the door and this is who greeted us!

Popeye and Olive!!!


Yup, for real – just like that – they were at our door and wanted to see us!!

Is your heart melting?  Ours sure has!!!  These two dogs have captured our hearts!

They have that “Are we in trouble?” guilty look on their faces because they know they are not allowed on the homestay property. Well, Olive mostly, she looks more sorry while looking at me, with her tail wagging – happy to see us. Popeye, on the other hand, is a mix of guilt with her ears back and tail wagging, just happy we opened the door! Olive is more intelligent of the two, more aware of the rules! Popeye is more goofy, always taking a bit longer to catch on!  🙂  Olive will remind Popeye of the rules! For real!!!  It is too cute to watch! If Popeye won’t stop jumping up on us, Olive will jump on Popeye to get her to stop!

Olive has bonded more with me, Popeye with Michael.  Popeye knows I’m the one of Michael and I who is more likely to enforce the rules and the sorry expression on her face in this picture shows it!  She is looking at me as if to say, “Is this okay? Are we in trouble?” Gawd I love these dogs!!!


They live with a woman, in this home, located along the path to the beach. It was here, when we first arrived, that we met both dogs and an immediate friendship blossomed!! Michael affectionally calling them Popeye and Olive!


One afternoon, both Popeye and Olive are sound asleep in front of their home! I was shocked they didn’t wake when I walked by! They must have been exhausted! They are SO cute!  Michael and I are so happy they have each other!


We see Popeye and Olive only when we walk to the beach, because we walk by their home!  They always greet us and continue on with us!  That was why their surprise visit to us was so special, because it was out of our usual routine!

Here are some of Popeye and Olive antics on the beach!

They watch our beach bag.  They do!  They will sit by it, if anyone comes close to it!  Especially another dog! Popeye sometimes sticks her nose in the bag, looking for treats.  Olive gets after her, and gets Popeye’s nose out of the bag!

In these pictures, they are sitting behind our beach bag, waiting for us as we dry off before walking back to our homestay villa.


They chase crabs up and down the beach!


They play in the surf! Yup, that is goofy Popeye, just sitting in the water!


When we leave the beach, they follow us across the log bridge on our way back to the homestay villa.


When we reach our homestay villa, we go our separate ways!  Well, mostly!  LoL!  Sometimes Popeye and Olive sneak around the perimeter of the property to find us, only to be shooed off by the homestay family!!


Before we leave India, Michal and I plan on buying the biggest bag of dog food we can find, to give to the woman who takes care of Popeye and Olive!  This is our way of thanking her, and helping her care for these two wonderful dogs, these four-legged angels!

S, <3 <3 <3

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  1. mama says:

    Up to now I thought they were stray dogs and felt so sad for them. They sure have become great friends, a source of fun and amusement
    for you both. Also risk takers😳 as they slowly make their way to the “knock-Knock” stage… too funny. I am sure your parting gift will make them happy. You can leave India knowing you did some good for your friends. What a wonderful idea …you are good people. 😍 mama xoxo

    1. You’re good people too, mama!! xoxo

  2. tishmillette6067 says:

    This is such a joyful post. Love this blog. Tish

    Get Outlook for iOS

    1. Thanks Tish!!! <3

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