Mararikkulam North, Kerala, India – Early Morning Meditation at the Beach

I found a quiet location for meditation, on the breakwater – away from the early, busy morning fish market at the beach.

Popeye and Olive joined me as I walked the rocks to find a comfortable place to sit.  The humidity was high, I was soaked with sweat and was pleased when I found the perfect rock that allowed me to savor in the cool ocean breeze!

As I settled in to practice, Popeye and Olive were never far from my side!


It was difficult to keep my eyes closed and focus on my breath during my meditations with the beauty all around me.  Fishermen were retuning to the beach in their brightly colored boats to unload their nets filled with fish.  The waves were crashing on the rocks, splashing me! Red-backed sea-eagles were circling overhead. And then there was the view of the shore….


I did manage to complete my practice, but I admit my eyes were not always closed!!  🙂

Then I started our walk back, but first I waited for Popeye, who was digging for a crab!!!


Incredible India!!!

S, <3

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  1. mama says:

    Glad you and your new dog friends were able to find some peace and a cool breeze🌬🌬. Hope you have a lot of sun screen☀️👵🏻😍

    1. Actually, the sun, surprisingly is not as strong as I thought it would be, and we do have sun screen! 🙂

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