Mararikkulam North, Kerala, India – Early Morning Fish Market

One early morning, I decided to go to the beach to enjoy the sounds of the waves as I practiced meditation. I was eager for the usual solitude of “our” beach, because we’re usually the only ones there!

Usual solitude:


What I walked into that early morning was not peaceful solitude but a thriving fish market in action!


Remember these vending huts? Michael and I weren’t sure of their purpose as they were always closed during the day.


Here, I discovered they are opened during the busy market to sell tea and breakfast treats!


And this village hall:


Becomes a breakfast area where people gather to enjoy their tea and morning meals!


Sellers seemed to yell over each other, competing for customers?

The pungent smell of fish hung heavy on the humid air.  The seller’s bellows and the beeping of horns as tuk-tuks and vehicles tried to pass through the crowd of buyers on the singular Chethy Beach Rd was the most noise I’d heard at the beach! I discovered this market happens every morning, starting at 6:00am – except Sundays!


It seems I will have to find another location to practice my morning meditation!

S, 🙂  <3

ps…..Wordpress just indicated that this post is my 500th!  Wow!!!

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  1. mama says:

    A very good decision to leave! Another insight into India life … Fisherman have a hard life anywhere in the world. Not an easy way to earn a living …

    1. True, and there is a feel of relaxed life here. It is very nice! 🙂

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