Kochi, Kerala, India – Into the Big City!

Michael and I were up and on the road early, to first have breakfast before starting the hour and a half scooter ride into the city of Kochi.

On our way to have breakfast, we had to wait at the train crossing.

The safety barriers are manually, well to be more literally correct – womanly raised and lowered by a crank system! 😉


With the trained passed and the safety barriers raised, motorist were on their way!!


Michael and I had breakfast at the PDDP People’s Restaurant! We jokingly call it the “POOP People’s Restaurant” because the D’s on the logo looks like O’s!!

We each had a cheese omelette!


And shared Kerala curry with paratha.


Full and happy, we were off! I had my camera always at the ready! It is much easier to take pictures on the back of a scooter then being in an enclosed car!




After an hour, we stopped at this mall to stretch our legs!


There is a movie theatre inside the mall – here are the movies now playing! The bearded actor in the Lucifer movie seems to be a Bollywood A-Lister, as I see him in large billboards along the main roads promoting various items from baking soda to construction clothing.


This is inside the mall.  I was approached by security telling me I was not allowed to take pictures!  No explanation as to why, just no photography allowed!


The mall was quite empty and in disrepair. We did find a salon where I was able to have my eyebrows and upper lip threaded for 70INR – equal to about $1.35CAD!!! It was a quick cleaning, no extras of an eye massage then refreshing rose water wiped over the brows and upper lip!  😉

Next it was back into traffic as we made our way to Lulu Mall! Yup, we are driving on the side of the road as we scooter and bike riders have space to weave in and out of the jammed up cars and trucks!


We arrived at Lulu Mall, and found a parking spot in the two wheel parking area!


We then had to pass security to enter the mall.


First stop….COFFEE!!!  We’ve been drinking instant coffee for over two weeks, and welcomed a freshly made cup of java!


We found Bumblebee!!


fullsizeoutput_9b98fullsizeoutput_9b9cCute kids posing for their mom!


We found Donkey, Shrek and Fiona!

And a guy taking a picture!


These two little boys walked up to me and said hello!  I asked them why are they wearing turbans? They answered because they are Muslim.  I asked if I could take their picture, they were most happy to oblige!


After Lulu Mall we went to a large, vegetarian restaurant across the road that was an exciting find!

The restaurant is Ambiswamy’s Vegetarian Restaurant.

We weren’t sure what we ordering because the menu items were not in a menu at tables with pictures to help you decide and/or a server to talk you through and answer questions!! The menu items were posted on a board behind the busy cashier who didn’t have time for questions! I quickly picked something with butter masala – knowing it would be a vegetarian version of butter chicken! Michael wasn’t sure what he wanted!

How you order is by telling the busy cashier what you want, pay for it, then he gives you the paid ticket with ordered items that you then give to the ticket master man who stands in the middle of the restaurant who then gives the ticket to the kitchen!

I had already placed my order and went back to hold our seat in the busy restaurant, while Michael stood at the counter, carefully reading the menu items.

Michael, standing at the counter!


My food! This was SO SO SO good, I wanted to lick the bowl!!!  Big chunks of paneer (Indian cheese) in a butter masala! THIS HAS BECOME MY FAVORITE INDIAN DISH!!!!!!!!!! It was served with chapati!

It took A LOT to get the cashier to smile as he held up the menu item of what dish it was I ordered! Paneer Butter Masala and other items were taken down off the menu board while Michael and I ate our lunch because they were sold out!  The cashier had to dig through the piled up menu items on the seat of chair you see in the picture to find this for me. Why? So I would know what dish I ordered!


Michael’s order!


Michael had the Uthappam.  It is a type of dosa (pancake/crepe) with the ingredients cooked within the batter.  The main ingredient in this was onions!  Michael was in heaven!!


Full and happy, it was time for the hour and a half scooter ride back to out homestay in Mararikkulam North!

S, 🙂

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  1. mama says:

    It sure is a busy place, lots of people and scooters on your way to Kochi. A long distance but I am so happy to hear you are both … not hungry after meals. Nice that you both found dishes you really enjoy.
    Would like to see a picture of you both, with all your gear for the day on your scooter as you leave for Kochi 😍🏍 much love mama👵🏻 😘

  2. Nancy batty says:

    Don’t forget to check out the kathakali dancing. And read good of small things. There’s a scene early in the book of waiting at one of those train crossings. Food looks amazing!

    1. Nancy!!!! Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for reminding us about the dancing and I’ll look for the book in the bookstore in Lulu Mall in Kochi! Books are SO much cheaper here – 10CAD for trade paperback books like Lousie Hay, Eckhart Tolle….so many wonderful spiritual books here!!!

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