Mararikulam, Kerala, India – Mararikulam Beach – Waves, Hot Sun, Garbage and a Curious Crow!

Michael and I returned to Mararikulam Beach the following day to play in the waves!

Walking through the shanty huts selling various drinks, snacks and touristy items….fullsizeoutput_9b22

A young woman prepares a coconut for drinking:


This area has a mix of Christian and Hindu religion. Not far from a Hindu shrine further up the beach road, is this Christian cross on the beach.


We made our way over the hot, mid-morning sand mixed with garbage, to the beach chairs covered by brightly colored umbrellas.


As expected, the chairs were not for free.  The rental charge was 100INR per hour.  That is $1.93CAD.

I have an affinity for crows!  Crows are smart, saucy, interesting and curious.

This opportunistic house crow comes very close, looking to see if we were a source of food!


He quickly, and correctly decided we did not have food, so looked to the chocolate bar wrapper instead…


It is difficult not to mention the garbage when writing about this beach.  Because garbage is just as much a part of the experience as the sand.  It is disappointing.  India isn’t that incredible anymore….


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