Mararikulam, Kerala, India – Mararikulam Beach – Lovely Families, a Beautiful Sunset and Garbage

Michael and I discovered a family beach that is a ten minute scooter drive from our homestay, Arakal Heritage.

Mararikulam and Mararikulam Beach is a popular tourist area.

The beach itself is beautiful.

However, the garbage that litters the beach is not.

The shanty huts selling Indian teas, cool drinks and snacks would not pass Canadian Health and Safety inspection, THAT’S for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  😉

However, there is an agreeableness to these surroundings as it is the way of life here.

Except the garbage. It is always difficult to witness another’s blatant disrespect for nature.


Sadly, the beach’s main strip of white sand has garbage as its second main ingredient.

Garbage washing up from the sea isn’t the main source of the garbage, littering is.

Therefore, you don’t see garbage in these photos of waves meeting the shore.

But, you do see families enjoying the ocean surf together!!  <3  🙂


Gorgeous hubby!!!!  xoxo


Walking back to the busy parking lot!


During the third week of our six week stay, the garbage littered everywhere and non-western standard of cleanliness started to get to us.  However, this is all part of the experience. What we realized is we needed to create a balance with non-western standard of cleanliness by finding western-standard level of cleanliness.

Unfortunately, the garbage seems to be a constant.


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