Mararikkulm North, Kerala, India – Us, The Dogs and The Waves!

Two “wild” dogs living in the fishing neighborhood along the beach have become our friends!  Michael has affectionately called our four-legged companions, Popeye and Olive!

On our way to the beach, a five minute walk from our villa at Arakal Heritage Homestay, while we walk the path along the fisherman’s homes, Popeye and Olive always greet us with wagging tails, to then continue on with us!

This is Popeye!


This is Olive!


Michael, Popeye and Olive check out the waves!


Popeye and Olive having fun with us!

Popeye tries to chase a crow!


This day, the tide was high, and there was no way Popeye was going near the water!




The waves can be INCREDIBLY powerful! We stay close to shore, playing in safe!!


On our walks back to our villa, Olive likes to pull at the towels!


Walking back to our villa after the beach has been a bit of an issue, as we can’t get Popeye and Olive to stay in their respective “home” area. They follow us to the homestay – where the family, understandably, doesn’t want dogs on their property. We’re working on training Popeye and Olive to not enter the property….

S, <3  🙂

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