Mannancherry, Kerala, India – We’re Off To See The Dentist!

Michael and I were off to the dentist this day! We hopped on our scooter and drove to a little village called Mannancherry. There we would visit the dental clinic called Smile Dental Lounge!

Pictures on our journey to this village:

Tuk-tuks waiting for passengers.


At a train stop, waiting for the train to pass.


The SUPER fast trains zooms by!


Afterwards, everyone carries on to their destination.


I asked Michael to stop as we passed this church so I could take a picture of the women in their colorful saris!


We arrived at our destination!


I braved the dentist chair first!  Normally, I don’t mind the dentist, but this time I became fearful when the sound of the cleaning instrument sounded, and felt like a drill!!!  The pain was so bad, I almost stopped the session.  But, she added numbing gel – that didn’t really help….

Michael was next, and after his appointment he corrected my assumption that a drill was used to clean my teeth – it was water pressure and a dentist without a lot of finesse!!!



While Michael was having his teeth cleaned, I went to the toilet…


Then walked around to check out the area!

fullsizeoutput_98e7fullsizeoutput_98e8fullsizeoutput_98e9fullsizeoutput_98eafullsizeoutput_992bfullsizeoutput_98a5fullsizeoutput_98a3I bought a cotton skirt at J&J’s Fashions! When I asked to take a pictures of the young girls, the youngest of the two was a bit fearful of me, but my smile softened her a bit! There were still posters hanging from the recent election.

I returned to the dental clinic just as Michael was finished. Next stop lunch! Lunch was okay – I did not enjoy the red tomato dish as it was mostly onions, so I helped Michael with his fried rice! As always, I enjoy paratha bread! The yellow potatoes were yummy! We finished with Indian tea.  I believe the cook is preparing paratha bread?


Incredible India!!

S, 🙂

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  1. mama says:

    Glad you both survived your dentist appointment. Your pictures really do capture life in the area you are in. The paratha bread seems to be a favourite, maybe you can get the recipe before you leave. 🤔Looks very good. mama 😍

    1. I’m hopefully going to spend some time learning to cook Indian food from our hostess, Mini! Paratha bread is on the list!!! 🙂

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