Mararikkulam North, Kerala, India – Swimming at the Beach Along Chethy Beach Road

This beach is a five minute walk from our villa at Arakal Heritage Homestay.

Michael and I walk a path just off our villa’s yard that leads us through a small neighborhood of fisherman’s home, then the beach!

We basically have this entire beach to ourselves!  I’m not sure this stretch of beach has a name?  The paved road running parallel to it is called Chethy Beach Road. This road ends at the nearby Chethy fishing harbour pier.

The water isn’t clear from the powerful pounding and pull of strong waves hitting the shore.  The pull back into the ocean was so strong, as I entered the water it knocked me off my feet, onto my buttocks!!


Michael and I had fun playing in the big waves!


I noticed fish skipping the surface of the water.  The minute I see that, I know something bigger is chasing them! I became alert and suddenly saw something next to me in a wave! Something big, shiny and light brown in color! Not a “fin”, but what looked to be the flat side of some sort of marine animal as at it broke the surface then dove back into the water. I freaked and ran out of the water!!!! Later, as I shared my story with our homestay family, they told me there aren’t any sharks in these waters – but what I did see was probably a dolphin!  Good to know there are dolphins off the beach, but what I saw looked more like a ginormous eel!!!

Safe on dry land, I had fun watching the crabs being pulled back and forth by the waves! This particular crab wasn’t too afraid of me, letting me get close enough to take these pictures!


I will admit I’m nervous of sharks, but will still enjoy a swim!

S, <3

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  1. mama says:

    The water and waves look tempting, but i would been right behind you if I noticed fish skipping the surface of the water. Nice to see you both having fun. mama xo

    1. Thanks mama!!! xoxo

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