Mararikkulam North, Kerala, India – Popeye! Our New Four-Legged Friend!

It had been our experience while living in Qatar, that many of the Indian and Nepalese workers were terrified of dogs.

Here, while in India we see wild dogs (wild is used loosely) wandering around.  Our homestay family at Arakal Heritage does not like dogs – their belief is dogs carry rabies and disease and chase them off their property. Michael and I understand this and respect this. The dogs in the area learn quickly that they are not liked by most and generally stay away from people and property. However, some are braver than most and do what they like!  This does not mean dangerous, just independent. Probably an Alpha.

Here is one dog passing through the property of the homestay.


On this day, Michael and I walked to the beach. The way to the beach is along a forested path, across a rugged log bridge over a polluted creek, then through a small fishing neighborhood that opens up to the beach.


On our walk we passed a singular red flower, a beautiful butterfly, a curious crow, a wary hen and a shy Rambo!


Then we met this curious, friendly young dog whom Michael affectionally called Popeye! Popeye is a girl, but the name is cute like her, so it fits!


On our way back from the beach, we met up with Popeye again, followed by a male dog who was wary and stayed away from us.  He was more interested in Popeye than us! Popeye didn’t follow us across the bridge this day…


S, <3

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