Mararikkulam North, Kerala, India – Meeting Up With a Water Buffalo!

While Michael was running an errand, I decided I would walk the short distance to the beach from our villa at Arakal Heritage Homestay.

As I started crossing the log bridge, something caught my eye and I turned to see a water buffalo laying in the stagnant water!


Thrilled with this discovery, I immediately started taking pictures! I made my way off the log bridge to the side of the creek for a closer look. This water buffalo didn’t look too happy to see me and started to stand, while never taking his or her’s eyes off me. Thank GAWD he or she was tied!!!!

I continued on my way to the beach, hung around for a bit but too scared to swim by myself in the waves, so I started back to our villa!

I met up with Michael and I’s new friend, Popeye, a “wild” dog living in the fishing village along the beach! Popeye’s friend, who Michael would come to call Olive, joined Popeye and I on my walk.  As we neared the log bridge, all three of us spotted the water buffalo!  Even the dogs were curious!!


Popeye walks with me on the log bridge!


Selfie with a water buffalo!!!!


I don’t think this water buffalo is too thrilled with Joyful Stephanie!


Incredible India!!!

S, <3 <3 <3

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