Chethy, Kerala, India – Malabar Bakery and Hotel at Janaksheman Junction

On our first full day in the small coastal village of Mararikkulam North, Michael rented a scooter for our six week stay here. That evening for dinner, we drove to find a place to eat and check out the area!

In the neighboring village of Chethy, what we found for a place to eat was for the food and friendly people, not for the sparkling clean dining area!  🙂


This was a busy little restaurant with a steady stream of locals coming in to eat!

I’m not sure where the hotel part of this bakery is?  🙂  Maybe hotel means a seating area?

One man was doing all the cooking!!! How could you not enjoy the food with someone who looks this happy while they cook!




Michael and I get a table!


The food arrives!  Vegetable dal and paratha bread! It was tasty!! Michael had his favorite – vegetable fried rice!


Then the locals wanting to take selfies with us began!  Mainly this man, who took the picture of Michael and I!


I now felt comfortable taking pictures of the locals!


Colorful treats at counter!


Leaving the small restaurant, the happy cook yelled for me to take his picture!!


We loved this little restaurant!!

Happy and full, we returned to our homestay!

S, 🙂

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