Baku, Azerbaijan – Old City – Mehelle Restaurant – Traditional Azerbaijan Food

Mehelle Restaurant

After our visit to the Maiden Tower, we walked a short distance to Mehelle Restaurant for lunch.

Our server was a reserved, yet sweet, young Azerbaijani man who struggled explaining the menu items to us with his limited English.


Gonco Dovgasi and Kolom Salati

I kept our bill from this lunch to use as a reference for identifying the names of the foods we ate. Unfortunately, the names of the starters are in Azerbaijani  – Gonco Dovgasi and Kolom Salati –  I don’t know what’s what!

Michael started with coleslaw salad. Maybe this is the Kolom Salati, because Salati looks like salad? The flowers were non-edible!


I wanted a hot soup and our server recommend this traditional Azerbaijan soup:


However, what I received was a hot soup that tasted very much like a dill, parsley mushroom soup, not a soup with rice, peas and greens – well not my interpretation of what a rice, peas and greens soup would look and taste like! Maybe the soup’s creamy texture is a cooked rice, the peas are pureed in and the green herbs are the greens?

The bill indicated Gonco Dovgasi, not Dovga Ganja.  But, the names are similar…

Whatever the name of the soup, it was delicious!!  So was Michael’s coleslaw salad!


Salmon Steyk

Next was salmon steak – Salmon Steyk! This was divine!!!


Azerbaijani Paxlava and Espresso

We with Azerbaijani paxlava and espresso.

 Mmmm, mmmm!!!!!!


Full and happy, as well as tired from a full day..we returned to our hotel to relax and get a good night sleep.

We had to be up early to check out and then take a taxi to Heydar Aliyev International Airport in time for our flight to India.

S, 🇦🇿

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