Baku, Azerbaijan – Heydar Aliyev International Airport

This is a beautiful airport!

Terminal one – for international flights – is sleek and modern.


The interior has a natural feel with wood trim, greenery and many windows:


Add to this the cocoon shops, cafes and bars!

Panoramic view from the second floor restaurant where we enjoyed breakfast!



Breakfast of soft and hard cheeses, jam, honey, butter, olives and veggies with a side basket of warm rolls


Azerbaijan tea with lemon:


Cool hanging lamps in the restaurant:


We made our way to the departure gate.  The airport was not busy this day!


Birds in the building!

Then we were off!!  We flew Qatar Airways to Qatar with a short layover to catch our connecting flight to Cochin International Airport in Kerala, India.

S, 🙂


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  1. mama says:

    You have certainly captured and well documented Azerbaijan Baku.
    Excellent job Stephanie. Also think Michael may have a new career as a model 😘.in his lion fleece. The architecture, especially the doors, still amaze me. Also see the food you both choose now is much more healthy. Well done guy’s!😍 Nice to see Reiki is alive and very calming in this statement …”What was most interesting, in my opinion, was the tomb that helps to open the third eye during prayer for a deeper connection to God!” 🕊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks mama!!!! xoxoxoxo


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