Baku, Azerbaijan – Inquisition Medieval Instruments of Torture

The temporary exhibit of Inquisition Medieval Interments of Torture hosted by the Palace of the Shirvanshah was as captivating as it was repulsive. Michael insisted the torture devices were not replicas – but the real deal. It was not enjoyable thinking that people died agonizing deaths in these devices.

If these were original, medieval gruesome torture devices, the only items not authentic were the Penitential Clothing.  Those looked recreated.

I’ll let the descriptions of each device tell the story..

S, 🇦🇿

Inquisition Medieval Interments of Torture at the Palace of Shirvanshah


Spanish Horse

The Vigil or Guided Cradle

Water Torture

The Scourge


The Rack

The Witch’s Chair

The Mask of Infamy

A Type of Stock

The Stocks

The Throne

The Iron Shoe

The Malaysian Boot

The Fork of the Heretic

Hot Pliers and Pincers

Iron Brands


The Oral, Rectal and Vaginal Pear

The Interrogation Seat

The Guillotine

The Break-Knee

The Godmothers’ Violin

Neck Brace with Fingers & Thumbs Press

The Jerking

The Head Crusher

Eviscerate – Quartering

The Garrote

Penitential Clothes 

The Pillory

The Virgin of Nuremberg

Scale Stretching



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