Baku, Azerbaijan – Sights of the Old City

Old City

Old City is the most ancient part of Baku, surrounded by walls, with two locations, Maiden Tower and Palace of Shirvanshahs – becoming the first World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in Azerbaijan.

Main Entrance – Old City

Making our way to the entrance from the Filarmoniya Park side of the city.



Inside we first discover what looks to be sulphur baths! But, what I’ve come to learn is that bath houses in Azerbaijan are called Hammams.  Hammams, also called Turkish Baths are public bath houses; a bathing tradition dating back to the Middle Ages.

Ideal Care Animal Centre – Care for Feral Cats

These were REALLY cool! Along the wall of the hammam was this:


The Idea Care Animal Centre provides shelter, food and water for feral cats!!!


Turret Fun

We started walking along the wall and quickly discovered the turret that we walked by entering the city!


Michael told me to look out of it and he would go round, outside the wall to take pictures!

Aga Mikayil

A hammam called Aga Mikayil. The bath house posts the segregated times for men and women.


Sights of Old City

Recent reconstruction constituted most of Old City rather than the old. There were many aggressive tour guides approaching us to walk us throughout the city (reminding me of the many roving souvenir sellers within the Giza Pyramid Complex) as well as aggressive souvenir sellers inviting us into their shops to look at their goods for sale.  I was searching for local art, paintings of Old City – but none were to be found!  There were lots of rugs, antiques, tea pots, fridge magnets, trinkets of the sort…with no real evidence, in my opinion, of a thriving artisan community within these walls.  Well, except for those who make Azerbiajani rugs!

Overall though, what time we did spend wandering throughout the many twisting and turning streets within was pleasant, with the historical vibe a consequence of reconstruction.

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