The Colorado Restaurant & McDonald’s

Our last full day in Qatar was a Tuesday.  Had Michael’s contract been renewed and not given two weeks to leave Qatar, this week would have been his Spring Break.  Therefore, at 8:52am Michael was picked up by his work guy gang (those friends who stuck around Qatar during break, who didn’t travel) to eat at the Indian restaurant, Colorado for breakfast!  Since it was our last full day in Qatar, I joined him!

Now, the Colorado Restaurant has been shut down for health violations in the past…. but Michael and what he affectionally calls “The Atiq Gang” are still loyal customers!

This tradition started with friends Michael made at the Atiq building when he first arrived in Qatar six years ago. The Colorado Restaurant is located across the street from the Atiq Building.

The Atiq Building was furnished housing provided by Michael’s employer for those who were either single, married but didn’t bring spouses, or married couples without children. When I moved to Qatar four years ago to be with my new husband, this was where we lived! Fitting that we returned to the area we started at on our last full day in Qatar!

Where It All Started – The Atiq Building

The Atiq Building is located along Khalifa Street.


The Infamous Colorado Restaurant

The Atiq gang: Michael, Glenn, Prem and Joe!


The Menu


The Kitchen



My favorite Indian bread – Paratha!!!


Time to eat!!!!



Their next stop was always McDonald’s – just a short drive down the strip of shops!!  But first we had to wait for the Qatari driver who, for whatever reason, was parked at the stop sign to realize (or care) that he was blocking traffic and move!  With cars behind him blaring their horns, he slowly pulled up on the curb, giving us just enough room to drive around him! Typical!


The Universal Golden Arches!


Here they would sit for an hour or so and enjoy “real” brewed coffee!!!!

S, 🇶🇦

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