Last Night in Qatar – West Bay & Dhow Boat Cruise & Marmara Istanbul Restaurant

When I first arrived in Doha, we went on a dhow boat cruise with the Atiq Gang!

When I first arrived in Doha, Michael would take us to eat at the Marmara Istanbul Restaurant!

This special night, our last night in Qatar, we went for a Dhow Boat cruise with the Atiq Gang – Glenn & Claudia, Joe, Prem and Josh and ate at the Marmara Istanbul Restaurant together!

Badie Music Studio

But first we made a stop at Badie Music Studio….one of the first shops Michael took me to when I was in Doha!  This was by chance, not expected as Joe was picking up his guitar he had there for repair!!!


Locals having something to eat outside the shop..


Costa Coffee – Corniche

We then drove to the Corniche – to Costa Coffee – another of the Atiq Gangs old hang-out spots!


Tea Pot Statue

The Tea Pot statue – one of the first pictures of Doha Michael sent me when we first started our long-distance romance almost 5 years ago!

Tea Pot Statue

West Bay at Night

West Bay at Night!!!  So spectacular!!! How can it not be with a gigantic penis, oops I mean Doha Tower standing erect, in the middle of it all!!!

Dhow Boat Cruise

We rented a dhow boat for a half hour cruise!

Enjoying the cruise!

Michael and I started our lives together in Qatar.

Michael and I met online. Michael lived in Qatar, I lived in Canada. We married about 8 months later, spending only three weeks of those 8 months together. When I moved to Qatar to start our lives together, we really didn’t really know each other!  Four years later, we’re still together and our marriage is even better than I had hoped for!!

Now we’re leaving Qatar, excited to start the next chapter of our lives!!

Together Forever!!

West Bay from the Water

Our half-hour tour finished, we returned to the corniche. Another dhow boat docked, waiting to take someone for a cruise!


Marmara Istanbul Restaurant

It was time to eat!!! We drove to what was once called the TV Roundabout – that’s not a roundabout anymore – to eat at the Marmara Istanbul Restaurant!

A local and I!

Inside the restaurant!

Full, happy and exhausted…it was time to head home….but first we had to weave our way through the maze of white SUV’s parked outside the restaurant!!!  😉


Michael and I had ended our time in Qatar the way it had started….

With laughter and friends….

S, 🇶🇦

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