Landmark Mall – Express Beauty, Coffee Shops, Paul and Carrefour!

Landmark Mall

I went to Landmark Mall in the afternoon of our last full day in Qatar to run some final errands.

This was my everyday, go-to mall because it was convenient as it was close to our compound and on my way home from work, meaning on the side of the North Road I was driving on!


These car cleaners would work even in the hottest of days:


Inside the Mall are Many Coffee Shops


Carrefour – Where I Bought My Groceries



My favorite restaurant in the mall – France’s Paul:


Inside the Mall


Express Beauty

Express Beauty – my favorite place for eyebrow and upper lip threading & manicure and pedicure!!  I tried many other salons and this salon was, in my humble opinion, the best!!!

It is a walk-in clinic  – first come-first-serve!  These Nepalese and Filapino gals worked non-stop from open to close!!

This mall was a part of my everyday life for four years!!!!  Weird saying goodbye to a mall – but I knew I was returning once more – the next morning for breakfast – before Michael and I left Qatar for good that afternoon.

My return to Landmark was to have breakfast at Paul with a very special woman, a Qatari woman…a friend.

S, 🇶🇦

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