Saying Goodbye to American School of Doha – Part II – My Coworkers – My Friends!

This was impossible to do.  Period.

I’m still in shock. My heart still hasn’t accepted that I’m not working with these amazing people anymore. I didn’t get pictures of everyone because I was so, SO overwhelmed with the day and saying goodbye.  Sometimes I just didn’t know what to say.  I just cried. Or walked away in a stunned sorta way.

Zoda – AKA – Nick Zarter – Grade 4 Teacher

Nick Zarter….funny, highly intelligent, brilliant math teacher, playful, amazing with kids…an amazing teacher period. My math Zoda and my friend! Gonna miss you dude…..

ps….Just wanted to say one more time  – October 24th, 1992 – Toronto Blue Jays beat the Atlanta Braves….

Laura – Grade 4 Teacher & Sara – Upper Elementary Counsellor

Laura!!!!!  Heartfelt Laura!!!  Your creativity, kindness, playfulness and amazing way with students was an inspiration to me each and every day!!!!  You’re so beautiful inside and out….

Alisha – Grade 4 Learning Support Teacher

Alisha!!!  We only had this year together…gawd, this sounds like we’re in a relationship….LMAO!!!  Working with you wasn’t really work…it was fun because you’re just so easy to work with, wonderful with kids, and you let your heart lead the way!!!!

Upper Elementary Learning Support Everyone!!!!


Tracey….you’re my mentor and my roll model.  Your teaching style amazes me.  Your desire to always do the right thing inspires me. Your courage, impressive. I never did get that day to shadow you!!

Trisha – your sense of humor was amazing just like your ginormous heart!!

Janice – organized and prepared Janice!  Thank you for always helping me out when I needed Grade 5 math support!

Sara!!!!!  Fellow Nova Scotian and AMAZING counsellor!!!  Your passion and dedication are without limit as is the size of your compassionate heart!!!!!!!!!!!!  See you at your Cape Breton cottage!!!!!

Becky – Did your booby ever recover from that time I bit it?  Yes, back in the days when I partied at a famous Heney ASD party, my introduction to Becky was followed by my biting her booby!!! Laughter between us never stopped from there!!

Mike – Like Alisha, you just started this year and I wish I had more time to work with you.  You are an amazing counsellor who is so focused on making a difference to kids.  You always listened and made time for me.  Your heart leads the way along the wonderful path of logic.  You taught me so much this year.  Thank you.

Alisha!!!!!!   Dudette!!!!  Gonna miss you……

Riley – Upper Elementary Associate Principal

Riley…….this was tough saying goodbye to you…..You ALWAYS had my back……your heart is as big as the Universe and so is your kindness…’re so gentle, so filled with grace….a true gentleman, with a fart App!!!!!!!  xoxo

Kristen – Upper Elementary Principal

Kristen!!!!!!   I didn’t get a selfie with you so we’re improvising!!!!!  Kristen, you are one of the most amazing women I’ve EVER met!!!  Your courage, gentleness, and kindness inspired me!!!  Your quiet demeanor with a heart as big as the Universe calmed me!!!!  You supported all my crazy ideas and listened whenever I burst into your office, manic about something!!!!  I wish I had more time to learn and be inspired by you….. xoxoxo

Crazy Grade 5 Gals

Crazy Grade 5 gals…..Ali and Trisha…..thank you SO much for your laughter and math help for my tutoring sessions with Aljori!!!!!  xoxoxoxoxoxo


Zack – IT & Sanai – Music Teacher

Zack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tell Sanai I wish I had another chance to say goodbye!!!  Give her a hug for me and take care of Michael’s beloved starship Enterprise for me!!!!!!!


Rema – Arabic Teacher

Ms. Rema!!!!  Birthday Sister and friend!!!!  I’ll miss our morning hugs!!!!!!!!!


James – Grade 4 Teacher

Mr. Hammonds!!!!!  A brilliant, articulate, heartfelt, outstanding teacher with the ability to inspire his students to be future leaders of this world and make positive change.  If another Barak Obama comes along…..James was probably his Grade 4 teacher!!!

Nitsa – Grade 4 Teacher

Nitsa!!!  Fellow Canadian!!!! There is a flower growing our of our heads!!! Gonna miss you tigress!!! Your passion is palpable just like your ginormous heart!!!


Kaylynne – Grade 4 Teacher

Kaylynne!!! James is growing out of our heads!! Keep smiling Kaylynne!  You truly care for your kids!  xo


Kelly – Tom’s Assistant

Kelly!!!!!!!!  I’m gonna miss our hugs and laughter together!!!


Tom – Director of American School of Doha

Tom!!!!  Thank you for allowing me to speak from my heart and speak my truth….


It’s not goodbye – it is see you later……..

S, 🇶🇦

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  1. Wanda says:

    Ohhhh my such emotion but wonderful friendships and experience as well !!! I can’t wait to see what will be in store for you next….your a trooper !!!!


    1. Hey, when I return to Nova Scotia let’s do lunch!! Are you still at Joe Howe School?

  2. Avery says:

    Hi Mrs. Stephanie!! It’s Avery… I know how you feel, I moved too.

    1. Avery!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GREAT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!!!!! When did you move from Qatar? Where are you living now? 😀😀😀😀

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