Saying Goodbye to American School of Doha – Part I – My Everyday Routine

This was THE hardest day of having to leave Qatar.  I took one day only to do everything ASD – American School of Doha – because of the emotional pain of leaving. This included bringing my fish and indoor plants to their new ASD owners, signing my resignation papers, cleaning out my locker, taking pictures and saying my goodbyes.

I decided I would blog about this in three part:

  1. Part I – The campus itself and my everyday walk through of morning breakfast to leaving at the end of the day
  2. Part II – Saying goodbye to faculty I worked with
  3. Part III – Saying goodbye to the kids…..

But first, this day didn’t start as usual as I had 4 plants, 5 beta fish in jars and an aquarium with me!!  Maintenance staff met me at the gate with a trolly to help!!  That is ASD – support at every turn!!!


Looking out across campus before we made our way inside the main entrance!


Saying good morning to Christine as we entered the main reception on our way to the science lab! We brought the plants and betas to the science lab as the central pick up spot for those who purchased them!!


We brought the aquarium to Alli Farmer’s Grade 5 classroom where I set it up for her!  Looks good there!  🙂

My Routine

I arrived each morning at ASD for 6:30am. This gave me time for my morning routine before my 7:00am tutoring sessions with students. Tutoring took me to 7:50am where I then transitioned into my Grade 4 Instructional Assistant work day.

I arrived at the Gate 8, greeted by security as I buzzed myself in with my ASD ID card.

Gate 8 entrance

These guys were AMAZING!!!  🙂  They always had a smile when I arrived in the morning and a smile when I left in the evening!!!!

I would walk to the middle/high school cafeteria for my morning breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese, a banana and fresh orange juice!!

Cafeteria staff knew my morning routine and rarely had to ask what I wanted!! They were SO awesome!!!!!


Jazz Cafe

Jazz Cafe in the cafeteria!!!


Lower Elementary Campus

Leaving the cafeteria and walking to the Lower Elementary building!

Inside the Upper Elementary building I would go to Learning Support room 1615. There I would eat my freshly made breakfast and settle in for the day! This eventually became known as my room because I had so much going on there!!


Every morning I was greeted by these lovely custodians, who always had a smile!!!


Each morning, Grade 4 Learning Support teacher, Alisha Schmidt would pop her head in and say good morning to myself and the student I would be tutoring! We reenacted this moment for my blog!fullsizeoutput_92d1
Faculty and staff would start to arrive….like Grade 4 Teaching Assistant Arlene and Grade 4 Teacher, Nick Zarter. fullsizeoutput_92cf

Pictures of Upper Elementary faculty and staff posted along the hallway for parents to see.


The Breezeway led to the elementary cafeteria, library and Lower Elementary building.

There are eight Grade 4 teachers. Each have their own style of teaching…

The always professional Mrs. Lo:


Mr. Zarter had his own way of managing kids….

Mr. Hammonds aka Super Professor – pondering his next move…..


During my day I also had Grade 4 cafeteria duty as well as supporting students in the class room.  I would finish my day with a tutoring session from 3:00 – 4:00, then call it a day. I would scan my ASD ID card to get through the turnstile and wave goodbye to the Qatari police in his hut in the corner as I made my way to my X-Terra to drive home!

I loved my job….exhale…..

S, 🇶🇦

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  1. Geoff says:

    Loved reading this!

  2. Heney!!!!!! You were such a big part of ASD for me!!!! xoxo

  3. Karen says:

    Oh my goodness…. sending hugs and love as you say these difficult goodbyes. How beautiful it is to have loved so much it hurts!

    1. Is this Karen Killmer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This must be you…these beautiful words sound like you!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Sending you hugs and love too!!!!!!

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