Alappuzha, Kerala, India – Day 5 – Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort – Punnamada Lake Backwater Boat Ride

Part of the Carnoustie experience includes a boat tour of the backwaters of Punnamada Lake in the Alappuzha district.

Myself and four other Carnoustie guests were driven to the marina.  I was happy that Andrei and Alice Soukhinine , a wonderful couple from Moscow, were on the tour with me!

The captain greeting us as we boarded!

Carnoustie - Captain - Backwater Lake Tour

The captain taking us out onto the lake:



Famous Chinese Fishing Nets:

Looking back at the marina and the new hotel behind it as we headed out onto the lake:

Carnoustie - Boat Tour

Andrei & Alice:

Pictures on the open lake as we made our way to the entrance to the backwater canal:

The captain now under an umbrella to protect him from the sun!


In the middle of the lake are shallow areas. Here we watched a team of fishermen work together to catch fish – not using a net or fishing rod.

The fish were caught by hand!

A line tied with coconut leaves is dragged through the water – one end of the line held by someone on the boat – the other end of the line tied to a stick held by a man in the water. As they moved with the net – the fish would swim beneath the line and the men in the water swim behind the net and catch the fish by hand.

This explanation was from the captain.  Andrei and I  – well mostly Andrei – tried to figure out the captain’s very bad english to understand his story.  The above is our understanding of how the men were catching fish by hand!

Lunch was served before we entered the canal!


My Pitta Vata Vegetarian Lunch:

The entrance to the canal:

Carnoustie - Boat Tour

Pictures as we enter the canal:

Locals work the rice fields. Rice fields:

Kerala - Rice Field

Rice field harvest trucks either being loaded or unloaded from a boat:

Kerala - Rice FieldsKerala - Rice Fields

Flooded rice field:

Kerala - Flooded Rice Field

Once inside the canals, we entered the backwater community.

We saw many boaters! Some boats were taxis, others for rent and other boats privately owned!

A handmade boat garage!

Kerala - Boat Garage!

The black jugs are government provided fresh water, delivered to locals.


Small hospital:


The river itself was also used to wash clothes, for personal wash and swimming!

Young boys playing soccer!

Kerala - Young Boys Playing Soccer

Houseboats along the way.  Some are actual homes. Others are rented out to tourists for overnight stays.

Homes and a Hindu Temple:

Greenery and Birds:

This is a stopping point along the way for those who want to get out and look around.  We didn’t stop as we were on a time schedule to return to Carnoustie!

Kerala - Stopping Place Backwater Tours

We then started our way back, going back across the lake and then the Marina.

Returning back to the marina:

Carnoustie - Marina

The awesome Carnoustie Houseboat staff!


The Carnoustie Houseboat:

Carnoustie - Houseboat

I had a truly wonderful experience!  Thank you Carnoustie!!

S, <3 <3 <3

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  1. It looks wonderful there! What a lovely way to spend the day 🙂

    1. It was a perfect day!!!!!! :))))))

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