Mararikkulam North, Kerala, India – Day 5 – Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort – This Day I Find Out My Husband And I Would Be Leaving Qatar

I hadn’t mentioned what was happening back in Doha during my stay in Kerala, to save it for this blog.

My husband Michael and I both work in education in Qatar. My trip to India was during my school’s scheduled Spring Break. My husband’s college scheduled Spring Break was two weeks after mine.

While I was in India, my husband was told, quite suddenly on Monday (Day 3 of my stay in India) that his contract would not be renewed and we had two weeks to leave Qatar.  Michael did not tell me because he didn’t want to spoil my trip.

What I did know, but was not thinking about in India, was that expat faculty at my husband’s college had not yet been told if their contracts would be renewed for another year.  It was already April and the rumors were not promising of expat contract renewal.

What Michael did tell me that Monday (Day 3 of my stay in India) was that the expat contract renewal information at his work had begun and many coworkers/friends contracts were not renewed. He casually mentioned we might have to start thinking about what we would do if his contract was not renewed.  I compartmentalized that information because that day I was face-to-face with inner demons I’d brought with me to the resort to try and sort out.

Day 4 of my stay – I started processing this information and asking Michael more questions.

Day 5 – This day – I messaged Michael late morning asking if his contract was not renewed and he wasn’t telling me.  His reply was yes, my deduction was correct – his contract was not renewed.  We had two weeks to leave Qatar.  I didn’t clue into the having to leave Qatar in two weeks part – I was stuck on the part that his contract was not renewed.  That was it, we were leaving – our time in Qatar was up.

My head started to swirl….

But let me still share my day – because if you’re going to find out life changing information – Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort is the perfect place to wrap your head around it!

This morning I slept in and slowly made my way to breakfast.  I had tweeked my lower back in yoga the day before and this day I was under doctor’s orders of no yoga with Ayurvedic treatments planned to sooth my minor lower back pain.

Pictures on my walk to the restaurant:

This is a Cashew Tree!!  This is why cashews are so expensive because each and every individual cashew is peeled out of this shell!

I had my morning detox tea then my Pitta Vata Vegetarian Breakfast with Barley herbal water:

The quote on my breakfast menu said this:

“The worst times can be the best if you think with positive energy.”

Fate continued to unfold before me…

It’s as if Fate became loud and clear right from the beginning of my trip to India. Fate first spoke with my upgrade to Business Class with Qatar Airways to India, next my Reiki Master Teacher Training with Dr. Raj at Carnoustie and now this….we were leaving Qatar….with India all around me…..


My morning treatments were Abhyangam, Podikizhi and Nasyam. Pichu was used for my lower back.

Carnoustie - Spa Treatment Room

Abhyngam – Here is the description of an Abhyangam Massage from the resort’s website:

“Abhyangam…the greatest expression of self-love

It is believed that the effects of Abhyangam are similar to those received when one is saturated with love. Abhyanga is infusing the body with ‘prana’ or vital life force. When we infuse all our cells with love, they are revitalised and energised. It involves massaging of the body with warm oil infused with healing herbs and balancing essential oils.

Abhyangam moves ‘Prana’ (vital life force energy) within the body thereby nourishing and revitalizing all body organs. It aids the removal of toxins and stimulates both arterial and lymphatic circulation. It boosts the ability of nutrients to reach starved cells and allows for the removal of stagnant waste.”

Podikizhi – Here is a description of Podikizhi from the resort’s website:

“This is a type of Swedana Chikitsa (fomentation) wherein medicated powders are made into poultice and used for giving fomentation. Drugs like vacha, sarshapam, jatamamsi etc. are made into fine powder, fried and tied in cloth pieces in the form of boluses. These are made hot frequently throughout the procedure. Elakizhi “Patram”and “illa”mean leaf. ‘Kizhi’ means ‘bundle’. or Patrasweda’ is kind of sudation theraphy using herbal leaves. Leaves of Arka (calotropisgigatea) Karanja (pongamiaglabra) Dhatura (dutura metel) and so on are chopped and mixed with grated coconut mustard and rock salt. The proportion of the ingredients varies according to the symptoms of the disease. The mixture is warmed in a pan smeared with coconut oil and then tied up in linen.”

Nasyam – Here is a description of Nasyam from the resort’s website:

“Nasyam is a very important treatment for any discomfort in the head region. Nostrils are considered the doorway to the brain. In this therapeutic treatment medicated oil, medicated powder or herbal juices are administered through the nose for a prescribed duration. This removes the excess humors accumulated in the different sinus cavities and throat and is very effective for treating migraine, hormonal imbalances, paralysis, mental disorders, premature graying of hair, loss of smell and taste and even can add clarity to the voice. It cleanses the different cavities, increases oxygenation and improves brain functioning. There are different kinds of Nasyams based on the difference in the type of medicines and oils used. Nasyam not only helps in removing toxins from the head, neck, brain, eyes, ear, nose and throat region, it also gives immunity and strengthens their functioning.”

Feeling relaxed, my lower back pain gone I was ready for the 12:00pm Carnoustie Backwater Lunch Cruise of the Punnamada Lake!

It was during this drive from Carnoustie to the marina for a backwater boat ride that I messaged Michael asking if his contract wasn’t renewed. His reply telling me his contract was not renewed and we had two weeks to leave Qatar.

After the boat trip, back at Carnoustie I had a Padabhynagm – foot massage – in this beautiful room:

Time for evening detox tea and my Pitta Vata Vegetarian dinner:

My walk back to my villa!

After this day of amazing peace and overwhelming information, I was ready for bed….

S, <3 <3 <3

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  1. What a week you’ve had! I’m pleased that you have found somewhere that can help you find some peace. But what overwhelming news to receive whilst you are there! It sounds like there is change ahead, but I hope that it’s not too stressful for you both x

    1. It’s hectic right now in our villa here in Doha – the packers/movers come Monday. Logistics have been endless as we had three trips booked and paid for – it has been crazy since I’ve returned – and there will be blogs that explain it all!!!!! Once India/Kerala/Carnoustie blogs are finished – the insanity of leaving Qatar is next…then Azerbaijan, then India (again!), then Jordan then Maldives, then Canada!!!! We’re excited and overwhelmed and excited and overwhelmed!!!
      And I have been thinking about your fear of flying!! I want to reply to you about that – I will once we’re settled in India for 6 weeks!!! xoxo

      1. Oh my word!!! What an absolute whirlwind for you both!! I hope that all the packing, etc is going well, it must feel very strange. But how exciting do the next few months sound for you!!! Oh my god, what amazing plans you have, I’m so jealous!!! I hope that everything goes well and I look forward to more posts once you are settled. All the best for your next steps…it looks like they are exciting ones 🙂 xx

      2. Thank you Dusty!!!!! xo 🙂

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