Mararikkulam North, Kerala, India – The Start of My 7 Day Stay at Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort

I made it through the Cochin Airport with little issue – except if you have an e-Visa – don’t go in the regular immigration line.  The big sign at immigration that says “e-Visa” – go there.  I made the mistake of thinking that is where you apply online for a Visa. That immigration area is where this who have an e-Visa go through immigration.

Kerala Airport, India

On the other side of immigration and after I collected my luggage, I was met by my travel agent representative who then brought me to my driver from Carnoustie to take me to the resort.

The 1 hour drive became a 2 hours drive as traffic was very bad.  Too much traffic….  LoL

Kerala quickly reminded me of Sri Lanka with the tuk-tuks, scooters, many billboards & rickety shops along the road, people everywhere, and lots of trees!

India - Drive from Cochin Airport to Carnoustie Resort

I arrived at the resort and was welcomed at the entrance with a beautiful palm necklace draped around my neck and golden colored powder applied to my third eye.

Resort’s website: Carnoustie Ayurveda and Wellness Resort

Golden colored powder:

Carnoustie - Arrival Selfie with Gold on 3rd Eye

Palm necklace with a flower – hanging by my bed to save to bring back to Doha!

Carnoustie - Palm Necklace with Flower

My villa – Akund Deluxe Villa

Carnoustie - My Akund Deluxe Villa

Inside – The arched ceiling is made of a thick fibre with wooden beams. The furniture and doors are made of solid wood.  The bath is marble with stones surrounding it with a garden! The patio has a lily pond with little fish that attract the birds!

It was 1:00pm and I was scheduled for my consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor at 2:00pm. I went for a bit of a sightseeing walk before stopping off at the restaurant to have something to eat – I was starving!

There are sitting areas all over the resort with books to read and relax.  I took a quick look at the way to beach. The pool is beautiful!

I walked into the restaurant, so hungry – not even taking pictures as I entered because I wanted to order, eat and leave in time to walk to the spa for my 2:00pm appointment.

I was greeted at the door, asked my name and brought to my table – that would be my table for my entire stay!

Carnoustie - Happily Committed for Ms. Stephanie Rae Wells

I ordered a caesar salad with chicken satay.  The iceberg lettuce salad was wet with too much dressing but with delicious chicken satay!  I gobbled down the chicken satay, ordered another round of just the satay – and was a bit worried about the food quality if a simple caesar salad wasn’t that great.

Off I went to the spa.. View from the sitting area!

Carnoustie - Spa

The consultation was not very long with a lovely Indian woman – Dr. Regina. Dr. Regina is a resident doctor at Carnoustie with her BAMS – Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicines Surgery.  She showed me a brief Google Slides introduction to Ayurveda. Next we talked about what brought me to Carnoustie, any health issues I have and filled out a questionnaire together to determine my doshas.

I’m Pitta-Vata.  My diet for my entire stay is vegetarian. The chicken satay I had at lunch was my last bit of meat for a week!

Next was my first treatment was an Abhyngam Massage – using specific Ayurvedic oils for Pitta-Vata. What an incredible experience!!!

Here is the description of an Abhyangam Massage from the resort’s website:

“Abhyangam…the greatest expression of self-love

It is believed that the effects of Abhyangam are similar to those received when one is saturated with love. Abhyanga is infusing the body with ‘prana’ or vital life force. When we infuse all our cells with love, they are revitalised and energised. It involves massaging of the body with warm oil infused with healing herbs and balancing essential oils.

Abhyangam moves ‘Prana’ (vital life force energy) within the body thereby nourishing and revitalizing all body organs. It aids the removal of toxins and stimulates both arterial and lymphatic circulation. It boosts the ability of nutrients to reach starved cells and allows for the removal of stagnant waste.”

After this glorious treatment I made my way back to my villa.

There, I was greeted by the biggest snail I’ve ever seen.  I took this as a sign from God to SLOW DOWN!

Inside my room, my “Ayurveda Program Outfit” was laying on my bed – pressed, and folded.  Each evening I would receive a clean outfit for the next day. Wearing this indicates the guests who are taking an Ayurveda program during their stay at Carnoustie.

Carnoustie - Selfie with White Outfit

As well, each evening my treatment schedule was brought to my room for the next day.  Here is my schedule for the next day:

Carnoustie - Treatment Schedule

I then made my way for dinner.  Dinner is served each night at 7:30pm.

Walking to the restaurant – I felt like I was in a fairytale world with so many trees and plants lit with beautiful white lights!

This is the only restaurant at the resort:

Carnoustie - Restaurant at nightCarnoustie - Interior restaurant at night

My vegetarian diet for every meal would be based on my Pitta Vata doshas.

Here is my specific menu waiting for me at my table!

Carnoustie - Evening Pitta Vata Menu


The food was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!!!!  My worries of food quality based on the caesar salad were TOTALLY gone!!!!  Note the size of the portions – very small!!  Yet, I was full after my meal!!

The herbal water served is hot!  It is served as the main water to drink with meals.

Carnoustie - Evening - Me in Restaurant

With a healthy, full belly I made my way back to my cottage!

This is where the snail was when I returned to my villa!

Carnoustie - Evening - Snail

I crawled into bed – ready for a nice sleep with a walk-up call for 6:00am to be ready for 7:00am yoga!!!!

S, <3 <3 <3

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  1. mama says:

    You look very happy and peaceful. Looks like you had a wonderful experience… I am very happy for you. I am not sold on a vegetarian diet as of yet,:-) but it did look tasty. mama xoxo

    1. Thanks mama!!! xoxo

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