The Avatars’ Final Practice Together

With Adrian, the other guitarist, leaving Qatar, The Avatars had their final practice together.  Adrian’s leaving was the final push for Michael to end the band. He was becoming weary of the amount of time it takes to manage a band of expats; band members are extremely busy, follow different work schedules therefore making practices difficult to schedule. Add with that the recent dramatic rise in alcohol prices, bars and clubs became ghost towns – some clubs still haven’t paid Michael for past gigs.

While the final practice was sad, as well as knowing that Adrian was leaving Qatar, they enjoyed their time together! Michael was especially happy because he had the opportunity for everyone to wear the papakha hats we brought back from Georgia for this exact reason!


The Black Keys – Lonely Boy:


So ends the chapter of The Avatars.

And another chapter begins as Michael’s focus will be on his own music.

Here is a sneak preview of what is to come….

Michael is currently producing a video for his song The Battle of Culloden!  IMG_2130IMG_2133

Mmmm mmmm….he looks SO sexy in a kilt!!

S, 🇶🇦

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