Al Bidda Park & Duhail Night Market at the Al Duhail Sports Club

Al Bidda Park – Qatar’s First Dog Friendly Park

Thursday evening Michael and I took our dog Pooh Bear to Al Bidda Park.  This park is especially exciting because it is the first dog friendly park in Doha!

Here are some pictures along our walk:

This Minaret on One of the Many Mosques Inside the Large Park Looks, to Me, Like a Light House!


Seats Carved into a Tree Stump


Palm Trees


Off in the Distance, Government Buildings That Look Like Palaces


A Soccer Pitch and a View of West Bay:


A Water Fountain with Pretty Lights


DuHail Night Market

We left the park to drive back to our area of town to check out a food park at Duhail Sports Club called Night Market.  It was still early in the evening and thankfully not that busy so we were able to avoid getting caught in traffic.


The idea is REALLY cool because the food places are made out of different styles of teeny tiny housing units.  Some are actually shipping containers stacked on each other with the eating part up top!


What is also cool are the names of some of the food vendors like SALT and Addiction Coffee Shop -with “cute” little syringes in the name. Imagine that! If this were North America – the coffee shops would be replaced with alcohol vendors and depending on legality – weed vendors instead of coffee vendors.  Coffee is the allowed drug of choice here in Qatar…


One down side, in my humble opinion, is that you can drive your vehicle through the market.  This will never work because the strip between food vendors is too narrow and too many vehicles are stopping for food. Add to that the sense of entitlement with some drivers, especially the youth who generally don’t care about the safety of others while driving and don’t care if they block traffic while waiting to get their food.  That is exactly what is happening in the picture below with a symphony of horn blowing to get the driver out of the way.  I can’t imagine the chaos when this place is busy…..


This was interesting…this is an African way of cooking meat on hot stones…..


Looks like Kuwait was waiting to open later in the evening…..


Michael and I didn’t eat because we weren’t that hungry but are eager to return to try some of the food and experience the atmosphere!

On a side note… we bought a 500ml bottle of water for 5QR which is $1.83CDN.  According to Michael’s calculations, you can buy over three liters of fuel here for your car for the same price as that half litre of water at the market!

S, 🇶🇦

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