Approaching 50 Years Old – And Will Never Again Wear an Underwire Bra!!

I’ve been trying to think of a catchy title for this blog  like – It’s Not a Bra Burning It’s Bras Going Into the Garbage Forever or Freedom of the Chains of the Expectations to Have to Wear a Sexy Bra or Underwire Bras & Pantyhose are Ridiculous Woman’s Apparel or Comfortable Sports Bras for Life and I Don’t Care if They Are Ugly….

I hate wearing bras. Period. Underwire bras are the worst. They push everything up while digging into my armpits. Their too skinny bra straps dig into my shoulder muscles and when I loosen the straps for comfort, the straps then slide down my arms. Wide bra straps are better – but then they need to be anchored down by the torso part of the underwire bra.  The fabric part of an underwire bra is never wide enough to cover the fat that was once muscle located under my armpits. This fat now hangs over the underwire bra “muffin top” style that I will call “underwire bra muffin sides”.

Even when I’ve had underwire bras “fitted” just for me by the “experts” in Victoria Secrets or La Senza – the bra eventually starts bothering me….

Since Christmas, I’ve stopped wearing my underwire bras and only wore sports bras. Mainly to test if the underwire bras were the reason for a mysterious ache in my left armpit.

Guess what – since this decision, the mysterious ache in my left armpit has never returned.

As I approach my 50th birthday, I’ve decided I’ve earned the right to happily throw out every single underwire bra I own. I could donate them, but why give this bra torture to another woman? And, honestly do women really want to wear another woman’s discarded bra? 

Say goodbye to these below pictured evil underwire bras that were once a form of torture for me:


I’m a Sports Bra Woman For Life!!!

S, 🙂

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