That’s IT! We Want a Camel!

Camels of Souq Waqif

Last night Michael and I went to Souq Waqif to shop for boots to wear with his borrowed Scottish kilt and tailored made gillie shirt; a costume for his part of a clansmen for his video of his song The Battle of Culloden.

On our way in to the souq, the camel corral was open for people to pet them!

I was shocked at how friendly this camels was because he or she didn’t try to bite us!  Not that every camel we’ve met has tried to bite us…but every camel we’ve met up to this camel was a camel to ride with most wearing a knitted bag over their mouths to prevent biting!

This camel was so sweet and loved our attention!!!! He or she was like a large friendly lap dog who would have happily followed us home and lived with us on our already small farm of 1 dog, two cats, 5 Beta fish and a 15 gallon fish tank!


The camels are wearing blankets to keep them warm in the cool, winter season!!


S, 🇶🇦

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