Spiritual Discipline – Gabriel, Luke, Reiki, Safety and Faith

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Archangel Gabriel.  Who he or she is (Gabriel’s gender depends on the interpretation of history) and his role as an angel.

During my morning meditation with Reiki self-treatment, just as the name Gabriel came to me one morning…the name Luke came to me as my means of understanding Gabriel.

While I’m sure there are many people out there who have heard a variety of messages from their angels such as identifying themselves and the reason for their message – some even making a career out of it like Doreen Virtue – I find myself at this time in my journey to look within for answers about angels rather than looking for other’s messages and angel interpretations on the internet.

That said – what I’m really trying to say is that nowadays anyone can hang a shingle about the metaphysical, spiritual, religious realm and can make a lot of money doing so.  I’ve come to be very selective on whose media voice I listen to to learn about the Divine Source that connects us all.

I listen to Anita Moorjani’s voice.

I listen to Caroline Myss’ voice.

I listen to Marianne Williamson’s voice.

I listen to Wayne Dyer’s voice.

I listen to Deepak Chopra’s voice.

I listen to my inner voice – who is connected to the Divine Source of all – with the help of Reiki.

My connection, like all of us, is the same connection that Anita, Caroline, Marianne, Wayne and Deepak have to the Divine Source, because we humans are all connected – all one in love and Divine Source.

So, I did use the internet to learn about Gabriel – by reading about Luke the Evangelist and what he had to say about Archangel Gabriel.

Not with a religious lens, but with a historical lens of understanding Gabriel.

Luke the Evangelist did spread the message of Jesus, but he was also a historian. During my research I also discovered that Gabriel is not just of Christianity – he is also of Islam and Judaism.  Gabriel played an important role in all three of these religions.

For all three religions – Gabriel was a messenger of God.

And that is what I believe Gabriel wants me to know about him – that he is a messenger of God.

So what was, is his message to me that God wants me to know?

To be strong always come to mind, and that my strength comes from my knowing that Gabriel and God are with me.

Perhaps this is my beginnings of learning to have faith.  Faith, having faith in someone, is a practice I’m not very good at because it has been my experience since childhood that there are those who “love me” and have no problem making a choice to hurt me too.

Now, as an adult I have the choice to decide who I place my faith in…..who feels safe and who doesn’t feel safe. Who I allow to get close and not get close to me because of how safe they make me feel.

Yet, I’m also learning that love, kindness and my own sense of personal safety can help me move forward and not feel so scared of people all the time!

That the practice of having faith in others takes time…

S,  <3

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  1. Shirley says:

    In your position at work, you deal with children who you truly care for…so there may be times when they ask you for something and you must say “not now, maybe later”. Yes the child may get hurt or upset but you as the adult see the long term results of their request and you do what is best for them. With this thought in mind how much more would a loving parent and grandparents do for the child they love so very much. Trusting in someone you love should never be hard.

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