Surprise Mama & DV – This Blog is For You!!

My father’s health has not been great for many years – my mother faithfully by his side – his health becoming her whole life.

Over their 30 plus years of marriage they have modeled for me the many virtues of a strong marriage, especially since my father’s health became an issue, of commitment during the fun times as well as the difficult times, how their faith in God is part of their glue, to learn to live life one day at a time and never forget to laugh.

My father loves to tell a good joke and hear a good joke.  My mother loves to laugh!

I live halfway around the world and wanted a way to send my parents support so they know how much I love them and while I’m not there with them physically – I think of them often.

So, with the support of my wonderful work place – The American School of Doha – also called ASD, I’ve made 2 iMovies. One of  faculty and staff, the other of students, both videos are of everyone telling jokes to make my parents laugh!

Because……. as the saying goes- laughter is the best medicine!!!!

I recorded videos on two days – Spirit Day – Pajamas for Kindness Day, and Valentine’s Day!

I’m a little technically challenged, so thank you Zack for your help!

And I’m a terrible speller!!  I misspelled Kristen’s name on the video – I called her Krista!!!

I also wanted to thank James for lending me his class’s joke jar to let others pull a kid’s joke out of the jar!

Without further ado…..let me present to you Mama and DV…….

ASD Laughter Video #1 – Faculty & Staff:

Love, Stephanie xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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  1. DV says:

    Stephanie, Thank you for this very nice surprise.
    It’s really uplifting to see everyone having so much fun, and being themselves.
    We both had a great laugh, throughout the video.
    Also, thanks to everyone who gave up their time to make the video.
    Love DV

    1. Love you too, DV!!!!!!!

  2. Linda says:

    What a nice tribute to your parents!

    1. Thank you Linda!!!! <3

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