Surprise for Mama & DV – Part II – Kids Telling Jokes!!

With support from the Director, faculty and staff of the American School of Doha , I’ve created this blog for you, mama and DV, to make you laugh!!!  

I’d like to give a huge shout out to Grade 5 teacher Allison Farmer for taking time out of her hectic day to video kids from her class telling jokes for my parents!!!

So here Mama and DV are kids doing what they do best….just being themselves!!!

I know this will brighten your day!!!

This video doesn’t exist

With much love!!!


Here is a picture of 4A students – Salam, Daniel, Hamza and Ahmed having fun during ASD’s Sports Day!  You’ll find them all in the video!!!


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  1. DV says:

    There’s truly a special magic, in watching children just being themselves, without any inhibitions. There are no words really that can fully describe
    their joy and laughter that is so spontaneous and contagious. What a gift. Thank you again to everyone and to you Stephanie for your great effort to put all this together for me.

    Love DV

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    1. Love you too, DV!!!!!! ❤


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