Spiritual Discipline – Spiritual Guidance and Reiki

Reiki, while a holistic system to help one heal mentally, emotionally, and physically, is spiritually guided.

Reiki, at the Master Level has slowly filled the spiritual void I once suffered with.

My journey along my awakened spiritual path has brought me to Archangel Gabriel.

No, I’m not crazy – certified anyway.

No, I’m not hallucinating.

No, I haven’t had an angel appear before me.

What has happened, some might call, is a moment of spiritual grace.  For me, what this means is that a sense of peace filled me during deep, profound suffering that named itself like a thought in my head: Gabriel.

That was it.  I knew this Archangel was with me.

Archangel Gabriel is my guardian angel and I was finally able to “hear” him. Him. Her.

Of course, my logical brain immediately Googled Archangel Gabriel – looking for an explanation. Answers. The list is long about Him or Her – depending on the writer – religious in interpretation – spiritual in interpretation – from the academic to the just plain weird.

I share this because to step into Reiki is to step into the spiritual realm.

Now, some people have the ability to step into the spiritual realm without Reiki because of their profoundly deep and faithful spiritual or religious beliefs.

But that was not my path because of my dislike of organized religion and my uncertainty of who I was “allowed” to pray to, blocking my ability to feel spiritual.

When Michael and I travel, I always feel a draw to enter a cathedral – the holiness of it – the sacredness, the call to faith….but you mix in the religion and I step away.

Living in the Middle East – in a Muslim country – I am always drawn in, captivated by the hypnotic, beautiful calls to ritual prayer by the muezzins from the minarets of the many, many mosque’s across Doha. To hear so many mosques, at the same time, call their faithful to prayer is something so beautiful, so unique that it can only be truly experienced in a Muslim country. This call to prayer speaks to my soul – but is tied to an organized religion. So I listen from a distance – knowing my soul craves prayer, craves spiritual guidance and support – but without religion.

It was during my early morning meditation with Reiki self-treatment and prayer asking God for guidance that the feeling of absolute peace filled me and the name Gabriel came to me.

I believe in God. Yes. But God is allusive, can sometimes feel elusive and to some can be a fleeting, illusive feeling.

God is everywhere.  God is Divine.

Gabriel is Divine.

And, Gabriel has a human form.

Jesus was a human. Mary was a human. Mohammed was a human. Budda was a human. I do not want to take one step into a religious debate as to the Nature of Jesus and Mary.  What I’m trying to communicate is that whoever one feels drawn to pray to, it is nice to have a human form to do so.  Feels kinda weird, to me anyway, to pray to Anubis.  He had a jackel head.  Zeus was a God, but he feels more like myth than spiritual.

Maybe because I was raised Roman Catholic that I’m more drawn to angels?

Maybe because spiritual beings who take human form have a certain understanding of what it means to be human because they are able to step into our skin, so to speak?


All I know is that I truly believe we are spiritual beings – beings of light – within a human physical body. That we are part of the Divine.  That humans are pure love.  That we humans are meant to radiate all that is pure, all that is kind with laughter and joy.

And to be human is to also struggle along the way.

That is why the Divine is here to guide us.

Archangel Gabriel, a spiritual being of the Divine, is here to support me.

I’m not alone.  I never was.  I just couldn’t hear.

It is because of the spiritual nature of Reiki that I have learned to listen…to hear the Divine…..

S, xo


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