Mesaieed – Sealine Beach – Dune Bashing

Dune bashing happens south – near the border of Saudi Arabia, just past Mesaieed, along Sealine Beach.

This was Michael and I’s first time 4-wheeling in our X-Terra!

To prepare – Michael reduced the tire’s pressure to 10psi to allow for more area on them to prevent getting stuck.

Our SUV ready – we were off!  We went with friends – driving the black Forerunner ahead of us!

Along the way are tents, camps set up – where locals go for the weekend!


Here is where we drove down a steep dune!!  This was AWESOME!!!


We stopped to take some pictures!!  Winds were blowing at about 20 knots – gusting up to 25 knots!  It was very windy – sitting down meant more sand went in your mouth, eyes, nose, ears, hair, etc…

The sand dunes are like snow drifts – drifts the size of large hills. The beauty of the dunes is difficult to describe as they don’t seem to be real, like a magical illusion. Perhaps because I’m so accustomed to trees, greenery….a different landscape?  These sprawling, golden dunes, with the wind whipping sand across your skin, gives the desert an ominous feel…..beautiful, but also lethal…..


At the beach!  🙂  The water was too cold to swim, the air was quite cool too! I should have brought a sweater!


SUV’s and trucks driving all over the dunes!


Driving back, we didn’t cross the dunes – we drove along the beach to a resort area filled with cars and people!  Here, we filled the tires back to proper psi for the road…and headed back home!


S, 🇶🇦

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  1. mama says:

    In his day DV would have sat with Michael and be in his glory as they went Dune Bashing.🚙 Those dunes are look really high and coming down would have been quite the experience.😳😳 You guy’s sure know how to make a day fun. Love to you both😍👵🏻

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