Mesaieed – Camel Rides Before Dune Bashing

To dune bash – you drive south – almost to the border of Saudi Arabia.

This area is very popular with locals and expat residents, offering an exciting afternoon of driving your SUV over steep sand dunes!

The starting point is the end of Sealine Beach Road. Here is where we prepared to drive the sand dunes with a stop at Sealine Beach.

This area is a tourist trap mecca of locals offering camel rides, pony rides, horseback rides, hold a falcon (for 10QR), etc, etc…..before one enters the desert to dune bash.

While Michael reduced the air pressure in our 4WD – to give the tires more area over the sand, I rode a camel!

Camel Ride


It was a short ride – maybe 4 minutes long – for 20QR – but it was fun – enough to spark my excitement to ride a camel caravan in Morocco!!

My camel’s name was Romeo and the guy leading was from Sudan.

View From the Top


This is the camel Romeo with the “Lead/Has Better English” guide!!


A Group of Filipino/Nepalese Women Having Fun During Their Camel Ride!

A Local’s Tent


Sleepy Camels  


The camels wear bags over their mouths – so they don’t bite!!!  Romeo, the camel I rode on – when I patted his head after our ride – he tried to bite me!!  Saucy!!  LoL!!!

S, 🇶🇦

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  1. mama says:

    Oh my Gosh, I never know where you will pop up🐫 You are game to try new things…good for you. 😍 I love your picture called “View from the top!!” 🙂of Romeo. Looks like a long way down.Love mama 😍😍😍 Did Michael give them a try?

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