Tbilisi, Georgia – Private Tour Guide – Dachi

I wasn’t expecting to have a constant companion on my solo vacation to Tbilisi, Georgia. I knew that my travel agent had booked me tours each day, except my arrival day on January 1st.  I had that day on my own because everything was closed.

I anticipated my upcoming tours to be on a packed tour bus….

That’s not what my travel agent booked me!

My vacation/tour itinerary included transportation from and to the airport.  It was here I met Dachi – who picked me up at the airport and was my private tour guide, constant companion for my entire vacation! This young man of 24 was attractive, intelligent, with pretty good english and a strong Georgian accent that made it sometimes difficult to understand what he was saying. But he was so cute, it didn’t matter.

Over the next 4 days a friendship blossomed!  His abrupt, scowly “of course” to certain questions I asked became our joke. As well as his scowl with his abrupt “No” to something I asked that he didn’t want or like, I would make the scowl and say “No” back to him!

We talked about everything in-between our conversations of him telling me about the history and politics of his beloved country.  He knew so much about every location we visited – I could hardly keep up! When he scolded me for asking him a question about something he already told me, I would scold him back reminding him that he was telling me eighteen thousand pieces of information each day.

We both loved movies and I was DELIGHTED that he loved the movie The Dictator as much as I!  Especially the rap song…Aladin Mother Fuc%^&……. I didn’t know the song was a cover of Snoop Dogs – a song he had on his playlist.

We both loved rap music and had SO much fun listening to this music – loud – while he drove at exciting speeds throughout the countryside. California Love is a favorite song for both of us.

I was so touched by his kindness, generosity and how much of a gentleman he is.  He opened doors, let me walk first, held my hand down difficult places to walk.  He bought me my first ever crown. A crown of fresh flowers. He’s a romantic at heart!


Sometimes we laughed so much, he joked that people would think we were on drugs!

This year he will be graduating with his Masters in Management.  He also studied classical piano and architecture.

He works for QTG Holidays.

Gawd, it sounds like I’m writing his profile for a dating website!

If you’re planning a trip to Georgia….this young man is your perfect tour guy.

Ladyboys welcomed – but he likes women – so don’t even bother – if you bother he will cancel your tour!

Dachi, thanks for an AMAZING vacation!!!!

With heart and laughter……


Madloba!!!  “Of Course”

I had to Google, to remember how to say it……..!!!!

S, 🇬🇪

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