Tbilisi, Georgia – Outdoor Flea Market & Peace Bridge & Final Moments

Outdoor Flea Market

Dachi, my tour guide, took me to an outdoor flea market as a final place to buy the one last black papakha hat I needed to purchase.

This was filled with lots of relics and antiques from the Soviet Union.  So much cool stuff to see.

By this time and after so many days of touring, I was so exhausted, I could hardly take it all in…





Now This Is a Knife…

Not the knife he’s holding, but another knife Dachi showed me was a CCCP knife used with an AK47.


Local Artisan Fares


fullsizeoutput_8592If I had my wits about me…I would have written down the name of the elderly artist whose below paintings of Georgian people was intense, rich with both detail and emotion…


Old Soviet Cigarettes – One Package Dating Back to 1877



We had success finding the perfect and final papakha hat at the flea market!  Next stop was the airport!

But first, I’ll recap some moments in the morning Dachi and I had together before going to the Narikala Fortress!

Peace Bridge

fullsizeoutput_8513Butterfly/Angel Wings Mural at Peace Bridge


Walking up to Peace Bridge


View of Kura River


We walked through the little park that hosts the cable cars to the Narikala Fortress and Mother Georgia. The silver and metal tube like buildings are a music hall.

Dachi and I then grabbed a coffee at a cafe in the park, and walked to the cable car building to enjoy our coffee during our cable car ride up to Narikala Fortress.

These photos are moments during our walk to the cable car building.

More Moments

Before I sign off on this blog, I’d like to share a few moments I had the evening before while walking from my sulphur bath back to my hotel. I was super relaxed and took in every moment of this walk.

Setting Sun Behind Narikala Fortress and Mother Georgia

fullsizeoutput_853aSettling Sun on Peace Bridgefullsizeoutput_8539

A Sleepy Street Dog


Beautiful Glass Art


A Yummy Hot Dog in Bread

fullsizeoutput_853cfullsizeoutput_853dOrchard Boutique Hotel

A final shout out the Orchard Boutique Hotel! This is a cosy, very clean hotel with lovely staff and service.

I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday in Georgia!  

It wouldn’t have been half the fun it it weren’t for my amazing tour guide – Dachi – he get’s his own blog!

S, 🇬🇪

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  1. mama says:

    You sure did a wonderful job of bringing Tbilisi, Georgia into our lives.
    Hope you bought one of the elderly artist whose paintings of Georgian people was intense, rich with both detail and emotion. I love this type of painting. Love ya xoxoxoxoxo

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