Signagi, Georgia – Drive to Bodbe Monastery and the Town of Signagi

Dachi picked me up at 11:30am and we were headed east to the Bodbe Monastery and the town of Signagi.

On the way we stopped to buy Georgian bread and cheese! The cheese is a cow cheese called ‘Sulguni.’ The bread is called ‘puri’ and is baked in an oven called a ‘tone’.  I bought a loaf of puri, warm, fresh – just out of the oven!!!  It was delicious!! Georgians eat this bread with every meal!



Video of the inside of the bakery! The woman baking the bread did not speak english, yet somehow I knew she was asking me what country I was from!  That is what she is starting to ask me at the end of the video!

Sheep crossing!


View of the Caucasus Mountains – Russia is behind those mountains – and the town of Signagi:



Funny story….these are fresh pomegranate and orange juice stands run by locals at all main tourist attractions:


I ordered a mix of pomegranate and orange juice.  As the Georgian man was pressing the fruit, he was speaking to Dachi – Dachi was laughing out loud at what the man was saying…I asked what was so funny, Dachi said he would tell me in the car…..


…..apparently the man had a “smoke” before leaving home and forgot his false teeth!  I guess you had to be there and know that locals who live in the country grow more than grapes…..  😉

S, 🙂

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  1. mama says:

    Yes it is nice to see you with the places you are visiting in the background. That bread , cooked over a fire pit??? must be delicious.
    And the sheep have the crosswalk…always ( smile )Very nice picture of you in your orange top. Your road side combo drink looks very healthy. mmmm wonder what grows ( smile )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The dough is stuck to the side of the oven walls then cooked. 🙂


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