Gudauri, Georgia – Gudauri Ski Resort

First….don’t judge me!

I did a half then one full run.

Once I reached the bottom of the mountain after my one full run, my legs were jelly!

Ski Instructor Anna

We arrived, rented skies and boots, bought our tickets, and hired an instructor as I had only ever skied twice in my life – 20 years ago at that.

My instructor’s name was Anna.  Anna is from Georgia and has been skiing since she was a little girl, her father taught her!

Myself, Anna and Dachi

The Plan

The plan was to take me to the first stop, the “Bunny Hill” run.

Anna would watch me ski, then teach me.  

Depending on how I did…would determine our next run.


Walking to line up at the main lift on the bottom of the mountain.


Going up!


Going over the ski lodge.


Woohoo! Made it off the chair lift without killing myself!

The “Bunny Hill”

Video Anna took as I started skiing. I don’t foresee my joining the Canadian Olympic ski team any time soon.

Almost Top of the Mountain

Anna and Dachi thought I was ready to go higher up the mountain – to the second stop. You get off at the first stop (Bunny Hill) and get on another chair lift that takes you to the almost top of the mountain.


Going up from the Bunny Hill stop.


Ready to go!  


Dachi (in the green coat) is ready to go!


Tatra 1 Run

Anna took us down the intermediate Tatra 1 run.

Here is my start down this run!

I fell twice as I slowly made my way down the mountain.

Once when my pole hit my ski.

The other just before the bottom of the mountain. I was so tired I couldn’t get up.

Dachi had to help me get up.

I know….pathetic. But hey, he’s almost 25 years younger than me!


Time to Eat – Bar Nomad

That was enough for me!  

Don’t judge me!!!  

Skiing is hard!

It was time for lunch.

We ate at Bar Nomad. This rugged but trendy restaurant was filled with Russian families and beautiful young Russian skiers and snowboarders who looked like they stepped out of fashion magazines.

Russia is a two hour drive from the resort so they come all the time as it is much cheaper to ski in Georgia than in Russia.

Dachi and I both had the beef, rice, vegetable soup. I had delicious tea too!






Time to Go


Snowboarders in fun outfits.


Pretty snow!

I had so much fun!  It was nice to be out in the fresh air, in snow and being active! Living in Qatar, in the extreme desert heat doesn’t allow for much enjoyable time outside, unless at the beach!

Mountain Honey

On our way back to Tbilisi we stopped and I bought mountain honey!


Driving Down a Greater Caucasus Mountain



S, 🇬🇪

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  1. mama says:

    It is so nice to see you in the snow and having fun.😍 I would never try what you did. 😳You were great!!! Love the videos and hearing your voice. I would never judge you …as I would not even try the Bunny Hill🐰🐰🐰!!! The area in beautiful. Nice to see you happy and safe💜

    1. Thanks mama!!! xoxo

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