Marseille, France – Walking Around….

The Sights

The Tastes 

I had a pistachio macaroon. It was a bit dry…  


Plauchut – Chocolatier & Patisserie

Never one to pass an opportunity to enjoy French pastries, I stopped into Plauchut and bought a mille feuille and the croissant with cheese, ham and béchamel sauce! SO GOOD!!!


La Massilia Café

Lunch!! Salmon pasta in cream sauce, creme brûlée and a cappuccino!!! Delicious!!!!!!!!

It was time to say goodbye to Marseille….time to head back to the ship!!!!

S, 🇫🇷

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  1. mama says:

    Love those open markets. and am always hungry after your blogs. 🙂
    Wonder why 🙂 I put on weight just looking… oh well off to make creme brûlée which I love. xoxoxoxo

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