Mediterranean Sea – MSC Magnifica – Christmas Eve Dinner on the Ship at the Quattro Venti Restaurant

Continuing our ecstatic day… was time to get dressed up! Formal attire was the dress code for Christmas Eve dinner! With fruit juice in champagne flutes…we lounged around in the centre court area before entering the restaurant!


A lovely young Chinese couple living in Paris, France were our assigned dinner couple!  I can’t remember their names because I don’t speak Mandarin so their names for me were difficult to pronounce and remember! We had a few good natured laughs at my attempts to remember and pronounce their names!!

Both are engineers. He works in IT for an insurance company. She is still in university, doing her internship at Huawei.  They have been together for 3 years – waiting for her to finish school before they get married!

Our server, from Indonesia, enjoyed Michael’s conversations as Michael spoke to him in Indonesian! Michael lived in Indonesia many years ago and was able to pick up the language!


The food looked better than it tasted!

I had a scallop soup to start:


Michael had a meat pie dish to start:


Next was the first main – I had lobster tail – this was very dry, not good at all!


Michael has shrimp risotto – this was tastier than my lobster tail!


We both had tenderloin as our next main dish – this was tasty!


Dessert was dry and not very favorable…


While the food looked better than it tasted, the experience, conversation and the atmosphere was fun!!!!!  It was time for bed to be up early for our tour called “Rome on Your Own.”

S, xo

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  1. mama says:

    You both look very nice and ready for a lovely evening…p.s. love your shoes ( smile ) 🙂

    1. Thanks mama!!! xoxo

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