Barcelona, Spain – Sagrada Familia Basilica – The Passion Facade

This facade was much more grim than the other…..This facade tells the story of the passion, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus.


Walking onto the facade….we were greeted with a statue of Jesus tied to a column…


Looking up, above this heartbreaking statue…is Jesus on the cross….


Looking right…this is Peter after he denies Jesus 3 three times:


Jesus is presented to the people wearing a crown of thorns:


The people….


Jesus carrying the cross…


This might be Jesus wrapped in a cloth/shroud….


I’m not sure what this represents….there is so much symbolism throughout this facade….


Judas’s kiss and the Magic Square – that is said to equal 33 – horizontally and vertically – the age of Jesus when he died. Note the snake at Judas’s feet….



Another of one of the seven bronze doors created by Josep Maria Subirachs.  Some spots are rubbed to a shine from people touching it.


Two tourists getting tired, overwhelmed with the crowds and feeling a bit silly as we take a selfie…..


Adjacent to the Passion Facade is a school building designed by Gaudi in 1909 used to teach the children of the workers and neighbors…


View of the Passion Facade from the street….


S, xo


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