Barcelona, Spain – Sagrada Familia Basilica – View From The Top – Nativity Facade Side

This, honestly was a bit of a let down.  After walking the top of the majestic Milan Cathedral last Christmas…this View from the Top above the Nativity Facade was just that – a view!  We didn’t walk along the roof at all!

We rode up 65 ft in a tiny elevator to the top of the tower. We were let off at a narrow passageway that led us across a tiny walkway with a spot to stop, view a spire and the city, to then continue forward to walk back down to the bottom! The passageways were so narrow that only one person could walk at a time.  You were at the mercy of the speed of the person in front of you!

The view of Jesus on the Cross above the alter as we waited in line.  In this picture, the statue of Jesus looks like a real person hanging there!


View of the city and spires.


Starting our descent…



Inside the tunnel – looking down:


Looking up…




View from the windows on the way down:


A small stopping place along the tunnel..the black phone looking device hanging on the lanyard around my neck is an audio guide to the basilica.



The back of what looks to be a thorny something.  I thought this might be the back of a gargoyle’s head…but not in this church!  Only nature themes are here!


The staircase….that arm sticking out is how people took pictures of it!


Just like on The Passion Facade side, this is either the staircase casing we were in that took us to the ground floor, or the elevator shaft!


S, xo

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  1. mama says:

    As I said before, these blogs are filled with so much history and your keen eye helps folks like us enjoy and see a place we will never get to go. It will take me many return trips to see as much as i can.

    1. Thanks mama!!!! xoxoxoxo

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