The Magnificent Central Doors of the Milan Cathedral by Italian Sculptor Ludovico Pogliaghi

I’ve been inspired for two reasons to revisit the pictures of the cathedrals and churches we’ve toured in Europe. First because of two books I’ve read recently, The Secret Supper and The Name of the Rose (which I did not finish – the author went on tangents that didn’t add or have anything to do with the weak plot). Second because of our plan to visit the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona this upcoming Christmas Break.

I want to learn more about the architecture and the stories of these beautiful buildings.

I’m starting with the Milan Cathedral.

A church becomes a cathedral when it is the seat of a bishop.  The Milan Cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Milan and dedicated to Birth of St. Mary.  It is the largest church in Italy, outside of the Vatican, the third largest in Europe and fourth largest in the world!


This focus will be the central door.  The detail, the capture of the emotion in each moment by the skilled hand of Italian sculptor Ludovico Pogliaghi is breathtaking.


The sculptures on the door are dedicated to the life of Mary and Saint Ambrose, the patron saint of Milan.




Where people can reach, the bronze is rubbed to a shine from those touching it….

The birth of Mary…..


I think this is when the angel Gabriel tells Mary she will give birth to the Son of God…


Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem –


Mary and Jesus… It looks like Mary is not wanting Jesus to enter a city….


Jesus carrying the cross with Mary at his side….


Close up of Mary…


Close up of Jesus…


Close up of an angel…



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  1. mama says:

    I am so happy you have chose Cathedral and other magnificent places of worship be they large or small yet full of history to blog about. There are so many in each place you and Michael venture out to, and of all faiths. Really looking forward with what is yet to come. Love you’re pictures and explanations … well done xoxoxoxo

    1. Thanks mama!! xoxo

  2. What an amazing place!

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