1,000,000QR License Plate Number!

Michael and I had heard rumors that there was an auction for buying license plate numbers to indicate status – because you can afford to buy one!  It is said that the 3 digit or less license plate numbers are valued at 1 million riyals and more – as the digits get smaller.

So, the other day, this Mercedes pulled up a few parking spots next to me.  A very handsome, regal Qatari man was driving.  As he stepped out of his car, I approached and asked him if I could ask him a question.  He looked a bit shocked, and cautiously said yes..

I stated I’d heard a rumor that license plate numbers with three digits were purchased and quite expensive, I wanted to ask if that was true?  He said yes, that this license plate number on his car cost a million riyals. He smiled, asking me if I wanted to buy it…as he started walking away.   🙂


I’ve yet to see a two digit license plate number.  I’m thinking those numbers are for high ranking royal family members?

S, 🇶🇦

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  1. Great post 😁

    1. Thank you!!! 🙂

      1. No problem 😁 check out my blog when you get the chance 🙂

      2. Great Blog!!! 🙂

  2. Brett says:

    That’s crazy! 🙂

    1. It’s a different world over here!! 🙂

      1. Brett says:


  3. mama says:

    Oh my gosh😳 … $352,201.78 CDN ( today ) to buy a license Plate.
    I agree with Brett …not for the average Joe! Wonder if they ever go on sale 🙄 🤭( ha ha )

  4. AnithaPeter says:

    So it is true! 😳

    1. I know!!!!!!!

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