Al Khor Park – A Dust Storm Hits!

Here is a picture of the aviary when I arrived:


A little later, the clouds darken as the storm moves in:


The storm starts –

First the wind….

Now the sand storm moves in:

Now the rain…..

Here – in these pictures – you can see the sand storm moving off to the left of the picture and the rain pushes its way up behind it!



The water in the water fountain under the dome has waves!

More pictures of the sand storm moving out as the rain moves in..


Trees are knocked down:


Now for my drive home in this crazy weather!!!

S, 🙂

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  1. mama says:

    Oh My Gosh … Loved hearing your voice n the video’s xoxox… this was a wild day to say the least. Your videos came through loud and clear. You must have been soaked xoxoxo

    1. I didn’t get too wet – I made it to the car before the rain REALLY started!!!!

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