Holy Storm – Holy Hail! Major Rain, Thunder, Lightening, Wind & Hail Storm Blasts Doha!

Today has been so thrilling as a incredible thunder, lightening, rain, wind and hail storm blast across Doha!

Here is a video where I’m filming the rain and it starts to hail!  I first think it’s rocks blowing off the roof – but I think to myself…how can there be rocks on the roof….when I see it is actually hail!!

Hail that blew in while I had the screen door opened to take video!!


Here are pictures during the storm:

The rain slowly begins:fullsizeoutput_797fRain is now pounding against the windows!fullsizeoutput_7982Pooh Bear and Bob Jazeera sticking close to me!fullsizeoutput_7983Birds seeking shelter in the windows:fullsizeoutput_7981fullsizeoutput_7980As the rain settles a bit, finches come to the feeder at the kitchen window to eat:fullsizeoutput_7984fullsizeoutput_7985fullsizeoutput_7986As the storm moved slowly across the city, lightening was visible and near as large jagged bolts crackled down from the heavens!!

After the worst of the storm moved off, I walked around the compound to see if any damage had happened.  Thankfully only a few trees lost some branches!fullsizeoutput_7987fullsizeoutput_7989fullsizeoutput_7988

The storm was so bad, that school has been canceled tomorrow for clean-up and repair!!!  A day off!!!  Woohoo!!!

According to a rain radar, more rain is on the way!!

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 5.17.46 PM

So exciting!!

S, 🇶🇦

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  1. mama says:

    Loved your first video, your excitement made me laugh. It is only raining here today… You are getting it all … the hail are like small ice cubes. What a day…wow!!! You even lost power…just like NS.:-)A nice day to stay in and get comfy. xoxo

    1. I’ve been in all day – nice and cozy!! But also busy wiping up water leaking in through windows and door frames!! 🙂

  2. Tish Millette says:

    Good capture. Global warming.

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