Another storm rolled across Qatar!!  This time dumping a huge load of rain as it moved along the small country!!

It was a typical hot, humid, sunny day…then suddenly the skies darkened, the sound of thunder rumbled loudly, dust started blowing across the field then the skies opened…dumping lots and lots of rain!!!

I was at work, in a classroom when this storm hit. Most of the kids were very excited watching the weather!!  Some were frightened of the aggressive storm, as this weather is seasonal, happening once a year.

Within the hour the storm had passed, with the skies returning to bright, blue and sunny!

S, 🇶🇦


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  1. Tish Millette says:

    What a relief. Rain. Do the kids like to go out and play in the rain? Hunt for worms and that fun stuff….

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  2. mama says:

    Now that was what we call… a cloud burst!!!😳 The thunder was so loud and sounded very close, no wonder the little ones were scared😱

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