Morning Drive & Traffic to Downtown Al Dafna and the Drivers Who Butt in Line!

Traffic sucks.  Period.  Add those drivers who feel they don’t have to wait in traffic like all the rest of us – and that creates road rage!!!  Those drivers who push and push and dangerously make their way to the front of the traffic lineup – even if it means blocking an entire other lane that they’re in to try and get to the front of the traffic lineup!!!!

Here are some pictures this morning of those who butted their way in line!

This guy swooped in and was actually horizontal to my car as he squeezed in….


This SUV pushing in, in front of me blocked the traffic in the lane she’s in trying to get ahead of me and the many cars behind me waiting to get through the light!


These vehicles on the right blocked the lane they’re in trying to butt their way into the front of the busy turning lane I’m in…..


These cars on the left also start a lineup that eventually blocks that lane they’re in to butt into the front of the turning lane I’m in….


This guy tried to push his way past me…I refused to give him an inch of space!!  Look into my rearview mirror and you’ll see more cars trying to butt in line!!


Driving here takes courage, patience and on some days it takes everything I have not to let such rude and arrogant drivers get to me!!!!!



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  1. Tish Millette says:

    Yuck! I would be completely freaked out.
    You are brave.

  2. mama says:

    There are road “cowboys” 🤠 all over the roads, glad you have what it takes to let them go and prevent an accident 😘. These days road rage 😈 has peaked and it is best to let the “cowboys/gals” damage their car and not your’s…and keep your cool! 🤗Humph!!!!😳🙄😍

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