Royal Thai Lady Spa – Best Thai Massage Ever!!

About once a week I go for an hour and a half Thai oil massage at the pink building!  The pink building is on AL Waab Street that is home to Royal Thai Lady Spa. Men are not allowed in this pink building.  There is a Royal Thai Men Spa two buildings down. That building is boring old brown.


I automatically feel better as I step inside the main doors, inhaling the familiar menthol scent of tiger balm that permeates every room….


The Main Desk


This is the main waiting area.  What you can’t see is what is behind me in a smaller waiting area and the back reflexology area.  This is where at least 10 Thai women masseuses are sitting, hanging around, looking at their cell phones, ear buds plugged in – watching a movie as they wait their turn to be assigned to whomever walks through the door.  

Waiting Area

The below picture is the waiting area once I’ve checked in. Below is a Qatari woman’s maid, who is waiting to for her to be finished her massage.

Off to the right of this waiting area is a small room where, before every massage, your feet are soaked and scrubbed.  Shoes are replaced with slippers.  Then you’re lead to your massage room!


Massage Rooms

There are many rooms lined in a row.  Each masseuse seems to have her favorite space. This is what a room looks like:


Main Staircase

My massage today was upstairs.  Here is the main staircase to and from the main reception area.


My Favorite Masseuse, Julie

This is Julie, from Thailand, one of my favorite masseuses here!  I request her when I book ahead.  This picture is after my massage from her.


On The Way Out

These are the main doors as I leave. I feel welcomed when I arrive and relaxed when I leave. 🌼

S, 🇶🇦


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  1. mama says:

    Your description is enough to make anyone relaxed 🙂 Even your hair looks relaxed 🙂 The scent of tiger balm sounds like a scent I would like. Nice to see you relax and clear those chakras. xoxo

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