Summer of 2018 – Best Canadian Pecan Butter Tart Challenge!!!

The butter tart – a small pastry filled with sweet buttery syrup that is mixed with either raisins or pecans – or not – then baked to perfection with a crispy top – is known to be the classic Canadian treat enjoyed by many across the expansive country! My favorite of the three varieties of Butter Tart is the pecan.

Our first Canadian stop was the province of Ontario.  It was in Millbrook, Ontario that I first had the idea to start a cross country search for the best Pecan Butter Tart while enjoying a Pecan Butter Tart at the Pastry Peddler.

This butter tart was exploding with yummy buttery, pecanie, flavourable filling – but there just wasn’t enough filling for my liking. The crust was homemade and good – but a bit too thick.




The next Pecan Butter Tart was in the town of Kapuskasing.  This was a package butter tart bought in a convenience store.  This had lots of filling – but the flavor was muted, a bit bland.



The Timmins Airport was the last Butter Tart I tried in Ontario.  This homemade Butter Tart was without raisins or pecans.  The filling was overflowing with buttery, syrupy goodness – the crust a nice border with a crispy touch, holding in all that sweet goodness – all that was missing was the pecans….



Next Stop – Vancouver Island – British Columbia – Yikes!!!!  No Butter Tarts while in that province!!!  I guess I was too busy at the music fest and staining a deck!!!  But, now that I think of it – any restaurant we ate at on the island didn’t offer a Butter Tart as a dessert item!!

Actually, that is a point – the Pastry Peddler was the only restaurant that offered a Butter Tart as a dessert item, and that would make sense because it is a bakery first!  Note to self for next summer’s Pecan Butter Tart Challenge – eat at more bakeries to find Pecan Butter Tarts – or any Butter Tarts on the menu!!!!

Now, to Nova Scotia!

This is my hometown province – where the benchmark for all Pecan Butter Tarts started with the grocery chain Sobeys Brand – Compliments – Pecan Butter Tarts!!!



The last picture – there above – says Nutrition Facts about those lovely little buttery, pecanie pastries inside – and I would have to laugh because the only nutrient I get from these, are soul nutrients as I eat one!!!

So who won the Summer of 2018 – Best Canadian Pecan Butter Tart Challenge this summer?

I would say that the Pastry Peddler’s Pecan Butter Tart almost won – it just needs more filling!

Maybe there was a Pecan Butter Tart in British Columbia that was deserving of the title: Summer of 2018 – Best Canadian Pecan Butter Tart Champion?

But for now, I’ll call my hometown benchmark favorite – Sobeys Pecan Butter Tarts the winner of the Summer of 2018 – Best Canadian Pecan Butter Tart Champion!

And I’ll look forward to the 2019 Challenge…….

S, xoxo